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Millions of people visit sunny Mexico each year and return home after a difficult journey - free of charge, but the media do not paint Mexico as a place of peace and tranquility, or even a safe haven for the poor.

It is important that travelers in Mexico's more rural areas be discreet and respect local culture, so as not to potentially get in the way of themselves. Try to use biodegradable insect spray or sunscreen as it will severely damage coral reef systems when entering the sea and is better for your body. I visited the area between June and October, when more mosquitoes tend to fly around, and was stung by the insect spray I brought with me.

Stay at authentic cattle ranches with authentic farming, fish on the Arkansas River causeway, cycle through the Tulsa River Parks, listen to live country music in almost every city every night, see a rodeo or other way to get some land in. Visit the Oklahoma State Capitol, the Texas State Museum and other historic sites to take home a piece of your heritage. You can also visit the National Historic Landmarks of Oklahoma, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Little Rock National Monument, as well as a number of other historic sites in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

If you are extending your trip to Sulphur and want to explore the Chickasaw National Recreation Area a little further from Dallas, there are a few options for staying nearby. If you are looking for a place to stay, the casino has a mobile home park, which is accessible 24 hours a day with a shuttle service to and from the casino. You can stay in one of the many hotels in the area, such as the Hilton Hotel, or you can go to Hefner Lake, where there is a roughly 8 km loop around the lake. For more information on outdoor recreation, visit the National Park Service and Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources websites.

Visit a powwow, experience Indian culture or visit the extensive collection of memorabilia from Mother Street. Discover a rich heritage by visiting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe fountain - visited and visited Powwows as well as the Oklahoma Indian Museum and Museum.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the Indians. Pioneering history, cowboys and culture will be on display, as well as artifacts from the Oklahoma Indian Museum and Museum collection.

The CarTranscontinental I-40 is the main east-west route through the area, passing through the center of the city and providing access to Oklahoma City International Airport and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. The highlight is a mile-long canal that connects the old warehouse districts, full of restaurants and nightlife. Other east-west routes serving this area are mainly local and include the old US 66, which is similar to I / 44 in the northeast. It is diagonally laid out to the west of the city to provide frequent traffic hubs and direct access from the north and south.

No other road in the US has the myth of Route 66, and Oklahoma has more of it than anywhere else, including the remaining belt road of the original US 66 in Oklahoma, which was relocated in 1922. I / 44 is a toll highway, but its various sections are known as the Oklahoma State Highway System, or I-44 for short, as well as I-44 East and I / 44 West.

In Oklahoma City, the Midtown District, a converted warehouse, and a water taxi tour through the heart of Bricktown are well worth a visit. Other interesting areas include the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel (which we couldn't buy on ebay for long, but we did), the Oklahoma State Capitol Building, the Museum of Natural History and the City Hall. When you're tired of having everything, stop to see the exterior façade of the buildings and of course enjoy gambling (if you could stay a little longer), continue your journey and stop at any restaurant or bar you like. In Brick Town there are many possibilities to stroll along the canal, to linger in every restaurant and bar, to take a water taxi, to visit the Myriad Botanical Garden or to have fun in the districts of the city centre.

If you want to turn your weekend into a longer adventure, we recommend a cabin for camping at Oklahoma Falls National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most beautiful areas in Oklahoma.

The health and safety of our visitors has always been our top priority in Oregon, now more than ever. We hope this inspires you to visit Oregon in the future when it's time to do so.

Oklahoma City also has a booming culinary scene, just ask the locals for fried chicken, fried onion burgers and fried onions. Remember that face coverings are mandatory in all indoor and public spaces in Oregon, including hotels and other accommodations. It is critical that Oregon residents and visitors continue to wear face coverings, whether they are needed indoors, in public or outdoors, maintain physical distance, wash their hands frequently, and stay home when ill. If you are in the "zero risk" category and are most likely staying in a hotel, choose a brand you know and trust.

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